The Benefits of Using Tax Refund Advance for a Car Down Payment

Posted Friday, Feb 03, 2023

A tax refund advance is a loan that you can use to cover the cost of your down payment, allowing you to purchase a car without having to wait for your tax refund.

It’s tax season, and many of us are already looking forward to that tax refund check! But what if you could get access to part of your money before you actually receive the refund? With a tax refund advance along with our in house financing, the team at Hwy 84 Motors can help make it happen.

Picture this: you walk into a car dealership wanting to purchase your dream car, but you can't afford the down payment. You leave feeling discouraged and think that buying your own set of wheels is out of reach.

Things don't have to end this way! If you're expecting a tax refund, using a tax refund advance could be just the thing you need to get your hands on the keys to your dream car.

Purchasing a vehicle with a tax refund advance has many advantages, such as not having to wait for the whole refund amount, better negotiating power at the time of purchase, and more.

At Hwy 84 Motors, we understand that buying a reliable car or truck can be expensive and even though tax refunds can offer relief from the cost, expecting customers to wait for the expected amount may be unrealistic. That’s why we’re proud to offer our customers a Tax Refund Advance service.

Get Your Tax Refund Advance Now - Receive Funds Sooner Than Anticipated!

By taking advantage of our Tax Refund Advance service, not only will customers be able to purchase their vehicles faster but they will also gain peace of mind in knowing that they are driving away in a reliable car or truck much sooner than they would normally have been able. In addition, those who do not qualify for credit with traditional lenders will have the chance of applying for these funds if they meet the qualifying criteria established by their selected provider. Furthermore, individuals will receive lower interest rates when paying off advances as opposed to installment loans attached with high APR rates; making this option overall much more cost-effective for customers in search for any type of auto financing solution.

Get Up to $6,000 in Tax Advance Assistance When Buying a Vehicle from Hwy 84 Motors!

We believe every customer should be eligible for financing regardless of their financial situation and that’s why Hwy 84 Motors has partnered with a tax advance service provider that offers advances up to  $6,000 so that you don't have to worry about waiting too long before being able drive away happy in your new vehicle! Check out our inventory today or call us now to learn more about how we can provide you with assistance when getting that car you want quickly!

Why should I use my income tax return for buying a used vehicle?

Purchasing a used vehicle with your income tax return can be an excellent use of your money, as it is an opportunity to get more value from the resources you have. Used vehicles come with a lower price tag, giving you more bang for your buck than buying a new car would. You also save on taxes, registration fees, and insurance costs. Moreover, when you buy a used vehicle, you can rely on the dealership's experience in the inspection of the car to make sure that there are no hidden issues that could cause problems down the line. This way, you know that your investment is worth its price.

Why should I use my income tax return for a down payment on a used car or truck?

Using your income tax return for a down payment on a used car or truck is an excellent investment since it provides you with the opportunity to purchase a reliable and safe vehicle, while ensuring you have cash in hand. A down payment not only reduces the total amount of money owed on a loan or lease, but it also decreases the monthly payments that must be made and can help lower interest rates. Additionally, the money from your return will cover additional costs such as taxes, registration fees, and insurance premiums that must be paid when purchasing a vehicle. Finally, this option potentially gives you access to vehicles in better condition and with more features than if you purchased one without using your return as a down payment.

Check out our online inventory, fill out our pre-qualification form for our in-house financing which will NOT affect your credit, pick out your dream car and get a tax refund advance today to use as the down payment on your new car, truck, or SUV!

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